Musky on the Fly



This beautiful setting in northern Wisconsin, where our native Musky call home, will remind you of the Hamm’s beer signs in your local watering holes.

The early morning’s mist rises off the water as the boat is lowered in the river.  White pines tower  into the air while bald eagles scout the shallows where these toothy monsters lurk under cover,   awaiting food opportunities like a muskrat, sucker, or a baby duck.

We have landed fish in the 40 and 50 inch class, so the 10wt fly rod will be your hammer of choice.  Paired with an intermediate line and a 4/0 (or larger) hook, be ready as these fish appear out of nowhere to inspect your fly and question its edibility before engulfing it into a trap of razor sharp teeth.  

No matter what your prior fishing experience has been targeting large predator fish, when one’s fly disappears into the swirl of one of these massive fish, you better brace yourself as you have just hooked into the true spirit of the Northwoods - The Muskellunge -  a fish that goes by many names: “ghost,"  “legend," “a fish of a thousand casts.” 

Let out a battle cry or scream as you execute the "strip set" driving the hook into the jaw and feeling the first few electrical bolts of energy through the line as the water erupts.  Now, while your legs are shaking and your heart is pounding in your ears, you begin the long battle of give and take.  When the beast tires (hopefully before you do), and the boat is slid into position for landing, the fish appears from the depths and finally slides into the net's cradle.


With hundreds of days on the water and fish in the boat, the Staff at WFFC are here to guide/coach you through the experience. Let our experience and time on the water ensure that you are going to get the most professional and smoothly run trip that you can. And, when the time comes we'll be there you help you attract, hook, and land your trophy of a life time.


Full Day Float Trip

$450.00 per day(2 anglers)